Spanish mother named as victim of Westminster terror attack

Aysha Frade

AYSHA FRADE, a 43-year-old teacher from Spain has been named as one of those who died during the Westminster terror attack on Wednesday.

The mother was crossing Westminster Bridge to collect her children, aged eight and eleven, from school when she was struck by the attacker’s car.

She worked at the nearby DLD College London.


Mrs Frade, a British citizen, had family links to Betanzos in Spain where her relatives were notified of her death on Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Desperately sad. My heart goes out to her children and family. For all our high tech security measures and surveillance these days it is worrying that all it takes to commit such carnage is one man, one car and one kitchen knife. How low tech is that? Innocent lives taken away indiscriminately. Other lives changed forever. By a man with a car and a knife.


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