A strong border would be needed

HADRIAN’S WALL: Would need to be erected purely in the interest of the South.

AS I’ve mentioned in the past, writing a weekly column dealing mainly in current affairs, can often be extremely difficult.

If I could have published this piece the day after Sturgeon’s announcement of a further referendum, I would have had a positive tsunami of ‘column fodder’ to call upon. Now of course, over a week later, most of it has already hit the coastline.

Bearing this in mind, I thought I would concentrate on the consequences, should the ‘Krankie’ party’s ‘freedom at any price,’ disastrous ambitions ever be realised.

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Undoubtedly we would first have to build the equivalent of a Hadrian’s Wall. As in times of yore, this would need to be erected purely in the interest of the South. With the advent of independence, Scotland would become a magnet for untold numbers of migrants landing on unprotectable Scottish beaches, before streaming across the country heading for England and its ripe pickings.

The South could not allow this to happen and Scotland can look forward to Calais style border ‘jungle camps,’ desecrating their once beautiful countryside for the entire length of the barrier. Good luck with that.

A strong border would also be needed to keep out the undoubted deluge of smugglers that will emerge. Whatever rubbish the SNP tries to foist on its constituents, Scotland would not be able to stay in the EU, or its free market.

It would be left hanging in no man’s land, trying to negotiate with an EU that is visibly crumbling as we speak. In any case what’s it going to negotiate with? At present Scotland is 15 billion in debt. Set to rise to 50 billion by 2020.

Its oil resources are plunging. Outside of whisky it has no serious industries of its own. A million of its workers rely on amalgamation with the UK and it doesn’t even know what currency it will be using! And the saddest fact of all? The rest of the UK citizens are so utterly peed off with the whole sorry affair that frankly my dear, they no longer really give a damn.

Keep the faith Love Leapy

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  1. The link below is much more informative and accurate than Leapy’s biased opinion.


    In particular, a glance at the Brexit vote map shows just how big the divide is between Scotland and the rest of the UK. It’s breathtaking.

    Since Theresa May has only ONE MP in Scotland, she is hardly in any position to dictate to Scotland’s voters how they should react to England’s Brexit. Nicola Sturgeon has a democratic mandate from the SNP manifesto put before the Scottish voters at the last election. Theresa May has no mandate at all. She is the PM who came to power without an election. Let her come to Scotland and put herself to the vote, then the reality of the situation might sink in – even to Leapy.

    Try informing yourself about Cyprus and Ireland for example Leapy – and then think a bit harder before you write any more nonsense about Scotland.

  2. What a racist bunch of lies and deceit written by someone of little education of current affairs and a serious lack of any professional journalism experience except for possibly the Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express gutter journalism. Can’t wait air until Hard Brexit and when Spain kicks all the Brits out for the betrayal of the 3.5 million Europeans living and working in the U.K. and the 4.5 million brits living in Europe who will be kicked back to little England so Spain and other countries can get rid of the racist English beer belly louts who have destroyed a beautiful country. You wanted Brexit, you wanted the Europeans out of England so why should any European country suffer the English. Scotland will happily build a wall to keep the racists in England and your bigoted ways. Time to pack your bags Leapy, and leave Spain to the Spanish.

  3. Hey Leapy! Your hero, the Donald, is a lame duck! He’s just scrapped his flagship Trumpcare replacement for Obamacare! Now how does that make you feel? Go on. Speak up. I can’t hear you.

    I think this week’s effort might be the first time in months you’ve failed to mention how much you love Trump. Mainly because you’re now fussing over wee Nicola instead. But you must be feeling sore because your hero’s finally been revealed to the world for what he truly is – a total failure!

    Let’s look at the evidence. Twice now he’s tried to push through his ill-thought-out racist travel ban – and failed. Yep, twice! Now he’s scrapped his biggest election promise next to The Wall. Why? Because it was such an incompetent mess that even his fellow right-wing Republicans realised it would leave millions of Americans without healthcare. They were going to vote him down. So he pulled his bill at the very last minute because it would have been a humiliating defeat inflicted on him by his own party! No amount of blustering tweets will hide that fact.

    I confess your hero worship of the Donald was getting extremely boring over all these months, but I can’t wait to hear how you feel about him now. I guess he’ll be building his wall next. I suppose he’s good at building walls if nothing else.

  4. Sadly Sturgeon is doing more harm to Scotland than good, she is a vile, evil politician who has one thing on her mind and that is to forward her own agenda at all costs. It’s a shame she didn’t actually put her energies into doing her job and maybe she could actually sort out many of the problems her style of running Scotland and its services are suffering from by her lack of attention due to her mindless push to independence. There are many out there that support her but there are also many of her country folk, who are getting totally fed up with her and her divisive path, many are now catching on to her plan!
    As I have said many times, I think most Scots are smarter than some of their country folk are, the more switched on ones are waking up to being lead to the slaughter by her and her fellow self interested politicians.

  5. @ Steven @ ………… You want to stir up an argument & the Favourite word comes out of your mouth to try to prove a point….. I cannot see anything racist in the Column Lee has written ………… You may aswell say if a True Londoner has a go at s

  6. I love England. I love its people. I just don’t love its government. That sums up the way most Scots feel.

    Theresa May says she wants Britain to be a partnership of equals. Ha! Those are just words. Her ACTIONS are the exact opposite. “Do as you’re told! And damn you for never voting Tory!” It’s like a failed arranged marriage, where one powerful partner dominates and abuses the other like some bully or control freak. It’s been like that throughout my entire life.

    Where Scotland’s government DOES have some power though, it has made things much better for its people than the control freaks of Westminster. Scotland has no tuition fees for students. It has free NHS prescriptions, free care for the elderly and it’s offsetting the hated bedroom tax on the vulnerable and disabled wherever it can. Scotland’s government shows compassion. England’s doesn’t give a damn!

    Re debt – Downing Street and Westminster have run up truly eye watering debts that pre-date Holyrood’s creation by a long chalk! Scotland pays its fair share of that debt. Check the facts and blame Westminster, not the new kid on the block! Holyrood stays firmly within its budget and even pays surpluses to Westminster!

    As for an independent Scotland’s future financial viability, just look at Iceland – fully recovered from 2008’s worldwide crash. Scotland and Iceland have much in common – including careful management of resources and finance.

    As for Wastemonster – well… the facts speak for themselves.

  7. Mr. Eagleson, It seems that you are quite desperate to get your name in the press. There appear to be more longwinded, aggressive, rude and opinionated comments from you, than the accumulation of the rest of us.
    I feel that you might be a failed journalist yourself, attempting to pull down someone who is more popular than yourself.
    I for one am heartily tired of your constant whining about Mr. Lee’s column. If you don’t like it…. then don’t read it!
    It reminds me of Mary Whitehouse trying to improve the standards of the BBC. She failed. Personally I wish she hadn’t.
    The recent Comic Relief disaster is a case in point.
    Mr. Lee is merely stating his opinion. We are all entitled to have contrary opinions but there is absolutely no need to resort to your insulting gutter press tactics. Besides he is getting paid for expressing his opinions and you are NOT. Perhaps that is what really riles you. He is also very popular with the majority of his readers and you are NOT.
    May I suggest that you put your pen down and seek a more rewarding pastime.
    Roy Leon

  8. Accountability Mr Leon. That’s what it’s about. If Leapy Lee is always allowed to go unchallenged or unaccountable for the aggressive, self-opinionated things HE writes in the first place, then we are all on a slippery slope. All I do with Leapy is challenge him afterwards. Nothing wrong with that. This is what living in the free world is all about Roy. As for being long winded? Who, me? Heheh. what about that forest of trees Leapy has destroyed over the years with all his purple prose? I ain’t even STARTED yet by comparison.

    So, if you don’t like what I write follow your own advice Roy. Heheh.

    Also, you seem to think I do this just to see my name in print. How childish. I thought I left that kind of thing behind in the school playground more than half a century ago. Would you prefer me to hide behind a pseudonym instead? I believe in standing up and being counted for what I believe in. So apparently do you because you use your full name too. That’s great! More power to your elbow Roy Leon. So what’s the difference between us? Well, there is no difference. Pot, kettle.

    Just don’t try bullying me into silence Roy. Tactics like that don’t work on me. And by the way, Leapy’s quite capable of speaking for himself. However, I’m still waiting for him to reply to anything I’ve ever written about him. His silence on that score speaks volumes.

  9. Hope she does not expect the original terms and conditions. This is a totally new ballgame. Let’s not forget, She also intends to kick Tridant out. No problem there We just withdraw all military hardware, right down to the last nut and bolt.


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