From drought to open floodgates in Villajoyosa

Werner Wilmes
AMADORIO: The way it looked last autumn

LAST November levels at the Amadorio dam in Villajoyosa were lower than anyone ever remembers.

Four months later the reservoir is almost full following periods of torrential rain in December, January and earlier this month.  The last downpour left 100 litres of rain per square metre in some Marina Baja areas and the Confederacion Hidrografica del Jucar (CHJ) gave the order to open the Amadorio sluice gates for several hours.

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The dam had reached its safety level as water poured in from mountain streams and Font de l’Arc.  Between 4,000 and 5,000 litres per second were leaving the dam when the sluices were first opened and the reservoir’s reserves of 14.63 cubic hectometres of water now stand at 90 per cent of its 15.88 cubic hectometre capacity.

The situation at the Guadalest dam which also supplies the Marina Baja, also  prompted the CHJ to release water although this was still below the specified safety level.   Initially gushing out at 12,000 litres a second, which the CGJ considered “excessive,” this was regulated to 500 litres a second.


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