Fight that smell!


YOU may not realise, but if you own a cat then your home probably smells like it.

Unfortunately it can be difficult for us to discern smells when we live in the same environment. When it comes to life with a cat, it can be smelly, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips to reduce cat odour in your home.

You can begin by making sure you are using a litter which specialises in deodorising. Generally, the best for this is a litter which clumps together. Not only is this better at absorbing those smells, it is also easier to clean up when your little furball pays a visit to the tray. You should keep the tray in a large, open and well ventilated area, and always in the same place, as cats loathe change and may rebel and choose not to use it.

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I know it’s not fun, but it is necessary to scoop their littler daily, ensuring the smells have less time to linger. Finally, embrace the power of baking soda! It is a safe and natural deodoriser which can make a big difference in the smell. Sprinkle some in the litter box and it will really help!


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