Almeria healthcare cuts spark criticism

Torrecardenas Hospital

CRITICS have demanded that urgent action be taken to revive Almeria’s public hospitals. Popular Party spokeswoman Carmen Crespo said they have been stripped of staff and resources to the severe detriment of patients.

Shocking statistics were employed to make the devastating case. There are just two beds per 1,000 inhabitants across the province, well below the Spanish average of 3.4. There are 72 less beds than there was four years ago, a five per cent drop.

Almeria has just 34.6 doctors per 10,000 people, compared with 44.4 in Andalucia and 52.3 across Spain. Nurse numbers are also far below regional and national averages.

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Instead of reversing the trend, Almeria has actually axed 99 professional jobs from the public health sector since 2011. There are less toilets than before and the waiting list for operations now stands above 7,000. 


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