WATCH: Father’s Day brawl at U-13’s football match in Mallorca

Esport Base/Youtube
Some of the spectators fighting

A BRAWL broke out during an under-13’s football match in Mallorca involving the parents of the players on Spanish Father’s Day (March 19).

A confrontation between a player from Union Deportiva Alaro and Collerense sparked fury among fathers watching the game, who quickly surged the pitch and began fighting.

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The shocking scenes were caught on video, where spectators can be seen kicking and punching each other, some were left with minor injuries.

The police arrived soon after the brawl broke out and restored order.

The Balearic Islands Football Federation is investigating the incident, and may be forced to take disciplinary actions on both teams.


  1. Parents showing by “example” what “good sportsmanship” looks like….was Alcohol involved, or simply lack of Self Control or both ?


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