Drama in Albox as Brit shot in buttocks by police


 A BRITISH man was shot in the buttocks by Albox police after allegedly trying to stab his ex-wife as she fled their Almeria home.

The 43-year-old, with a history of violent spousal abuse, is in intensive care at La Immaculada hospital in Huercal-Overa after ignoring several police warning shots into the air. His ex-partner, also British, fortunately escaped unharmed.

Local Police officers were called to the scene at around 1.25am on Saturday March 18. Unconfirmed reports have suggested that the suspect followed his ex to the Albox property. It is unclear whether she, or someone else, contacted police when the situation turned violent.

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When police arrived the woman had fled the home and was in her car as the man raced after her with a knife. Police shouted that he stop, fired warning shots and claim they were left with no choice but to shoot the assailant, who seemed intent on hurting the victim.

Four shots were fired in his direction, one aimed at a non-lethal body part, striking him in the buttocks. He was taken to hospital under armed guard and is in stable condition. It is expected that he will be transferred to a prison hospital soon and appear before a judge to hear the charges against him. 


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