A matter of choice

PABLO IGLESIAS: Podemos' secretary general.

ONLY paid-up Podemos members have much time for the party’s secretary general Pablo Iglesias.

Given the way the political parties are organised, they have the last word even though sidelined Iñigo Errejon is preferred by Podemos-inclined voters.   Almost 43 per cent would have voted for Errejon had they participated in last month’s party conference, Sigma Dos pollsters found, compared with almost 26 per cent backing Iglesias.

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It’s no different with the PSOE socialists’ ex-secretary general Pedro Sanchez.  Revered by the aptly-named militants, he is planning a comeback, presumably to lead the party to another worst-ever defeat.

Sigma Dos also found that PSOE voters prefer Errejon, hardly surprising as they have nothing to thank the Podemos supremo for.   If Iglesias had backed the PSOE instead of manoeuvring for a second general election in March 2016 Pedro Sanchez would now be Spain’s president. 

On second thoughts, perhaps Iglesias’ strategy did us a favour.


SOLEDAD BECERRIL, a UCD minister back in the mists of time, is now Spain’s Ombudswoman.  She has asked the government not to automatically strip those with “mental incapacity” of the right to vote.

Becerril could have a point as it’s doubtful that they could sway a general election.  And voters from opposing political parties routinely accuse all but fellow-travellers of being mad anyway. 

Stating the unobvious

FUNDAMENTALIST Catholic group Hazte Oir (Make yourself heard) cannot trundle round Spain with a bus emblazoned with the information that girls have a vulva and boys a penis.

They also proclaimed that if you’re born a man, you stay a man.  If you’re born a woman you’ll always be a woman.

The bus has been banned as it could offend transsexuals although Hazte Oir will not surrender without a fight, they warn.  They are fighting for the right to educate their children according to their values, they claim, although no-one appears to be stopping them.  Instead they have fallen into the classic Spanish trap of believing that what isn’t prohibited is compulsory.

Donations gratefully accepted

PEDRO SANCHEZ hopes to be re-elected as the PSOE’s secretary general but needs money to campaign for next May’s primaries.  He is resorting to crowd-funding and it will be interesting to see whether the people who turn out to hear his speeches are willing to put their money where Sanchez’s mouth is.


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