Police shoot down man who attacked officer with metal spear

Policia Nacional
SPEARPROOF: the officer was saved by his vest

A MAN was shot down by police in Estepona last night (March 16) after he improvised a metal spear and attacked an officer, piercing his ear.

Two National Police officers came across a suspicious looking man in the La Joya area at around 6pm. They decided to stop him, but he immediately took flight on foot. The man did not get far before the officers caught him, asking to see his documentation. It was at this moment that he attacked one of the officers.

Faced with this situation, the other officer drew his gun and fired a warning shot. Unperturbed, the suspect allegedly lashed out again with the metal spear, this time directing it towards the abdomen. The officer was saved by his bulletproof vest.

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In light of this second attack, the policeman fired again, this time seriously injuring the young man. The suspect was transferred to the Costa del Sol hospital where he was admitted to Intensive Care for three gunshot wounds; two in his abdomen and one in his wrist.

The wounded police officer was also transferred to a health centre for treatment. 


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