Dog judge slammed over no frills request


THE dog grooming world is up in arms over a ban on bows for shih tzus at Crufts dog show.

An experienced judge of the breed, Pat Maule, took to a Facebook group to ask those intending to show their dogs to use: “plain elastic band holding the topknot only please,” inadvertently offending breeders all over the world.

The request was in accordance with UK Kennel Club regulations, which were changed in November 2016 to state: “it is strongly recommended that the hair on head is tied up without adornment.”

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Yet breeders in other countries, where bows and adornments are not frowned upon, harshly criticised the judge and questioned her abilities, leading her to make further statements to the press: “I’m supposedly unable to judge under a bow. I’ve been awarding certificates for 26 years and have more experience in the breed than most. In America the bow is used to hide faults from judges and we don’t want that in the UK,” she told Dog World magazine.


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