BBC School Report presented by Gibraltar students

HM Government of Gibraltar
Fabian Picardo and the six youngsters

SIX young pupils from the Loreto School have interviewed the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo as part of the BBC’s School Report which is attracting entrants aged between 11 and 16 from much of Europe.

As well as asking all of the questions, the pupils arranged studio lighting in the Chief Minister’s Office and operated the two TV cameras with the resulting footage being entered into this news and current affairs project organised by the BBC.

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Prior to meeting with Mr Picardo, the six youngsters agreed the questions that each would ask in order to ensure a completely professional presentation.

The Chief Minister was asked to comment on a wide range of matters including the impact of Brexit on local business, on border fluidity, on scheduled routes from the airport, on the effect of Brexit for students going to university in the UK and, finally, on Spanish threats to close the frontier.

“We were all a bit nervous coming here this morning but we have worked well as a team” said Hannah Cabezutto, one of the interviewers. 


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