Updated Gibraltar Taxi Charter

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Waiting for a taxi

FROM time to time visitors to Gibraltar have had reason to make adverse comments about the taxi service in Gibraltar, especially with regards to those drivers who position themselves by the entrance to the cable car by Alameda Gardens.

Now the Gibraltar Taxi Association and the Government of Gibraltar have agreed the terms of an updated Gibraltar Taxi Service Customer Charter which makes the rights and expectations of both customers and drivers clear.

Importantly, it lays down standard of dress for drivers and set pricing for Upper Rock Tours so that there can no longer be confusion over how much a tourist may expect to be charged and the number of stops that should be made during the tour.

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There is also a clear complaints procedure with details of how to make a formal complaint and a warning not to use social media or the press to air any grievances although some may remember that a letter to the Gibraltar Chronicle several years ago concerning taxi driver’s attire when attending a funeral did produce almost immediate results.

One very useful point for visitors to note is ‘All taxis on a rank are for carrying fare-paying passengers – there is no such thing as a taxi that ONLY services Rock Tours or taxis that are allowed to refuse a fare.’

All in all, this is a very important update and should be welcomed by all taxi users, especially visitors as well as drivers.


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