No shroom at the inn for Dutch woman in Cadiz

National Police
Some of the mushrooms found

WHEN a woman in the town of El Puerto de Santa María in Cadiz received an unexpected envelope through the post, she was surprised to discover that it contained a number of mushrooms, so she reported the find to the National Police.

Once they had seen the suspicious fungi, the officers sent them for analysis and it turned out that they were from an hallucinogenic family, so after some research, officers discovered that a Dutch woman in the same town was sending a number of similar envelopes around the world on a daily basis.

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Officers obtained a warrant to enter the suspect’s home in Santa Maria where they discovered more than 500 grams of mushrooms in different stages of growth, 28 boxes containing seeds, scales and documents which showed that the woman was importing the seeds from Holland, was growing the mushrooms herself and then advertising them for sale through the internet.

Charging €50 for each sending, she was making deliveries as far afield as Australia before her arrest.


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