Lords withdraw amendments to Article 50

Parliament TV
Debating Article 50 in the House of Lords

TO steal from TS Eliot, the peers Brexit revolt ended “not with a bang but with a whimper” and those expecting some drama before the inevitable agreement to the passing of the Article 50 White Paper were left disappointed.

Earlier on Monday March 13, the House of Commons had rejected the amendments sent back from the Lords with very few objections from tory backbenchers and ‘ping ponged’ it back to the Lords who after a little deliberation (perhaps including some on their own future) decided to pass it without the amendments.

This means that the bill will receive Royal Ascent very shortly and the government has indicated that it will stick to the original timetable of triggering Article 50 at the end of this month.

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Now the Prime Minister and her band of Brexiteers will endeavour to obtain the best exit deal with the European Union and its member states that it can within the next two years or possibly walk away without a deal relying on the strength of the economy and foreign friends to see the country through.

Those UK passport holders living in Spain and other European Union countries will now hope to obtain positive information concerning their future once negotiations commence rather than current unsubstantiated promises of protection.


  1. The HoL should have not even tried to interfere in this process, for a house of people that are supposed to be intelligent they have shown again the bunch of fools most of them are, the sooner this gravy train of mostly old fools is abolished the better for everyone… except them of course.

    I really do not see any point in setting out any amendments in article 50 at this stage, doesn’t make any common sense or logical sense to do that before any negotiating has started. I understand the frustration from those who are not capable of understanding the way the EU citizen situation will most likely go forward but I am afraid if those people cannot grasp the likelihood of what will logically happen then unfortunately that is their problem, the process of Brexit must go forward with an open slate, no cards up and no closed options on the table either. Shows how much these fat cat idiots trying to prove their existence are so much out of touch with reality, why they should not have tried to interfere in their attempt at delaying the process that only makes an aggravated situation aggravating and gives even more reason as to why they should be abolished. 🙂


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