Criminals return to the scene of their crimes

Denys Prykhodov Shutterstock
Withdrawing funds from a cash dispenser

AFTER learning that there were a number of criminals in the Madrid area who were involved in installing copying devices at bank cash dispensers, officers from the Guardia Civil started gathering evidence but before any arrests could be made, the cloning stopped.

It was assumed therefore that those who were involved had left Spain, especially as the cards that they had cloned were being used in the Dominican Republic, Peru and Taiwan.

In early 2017 however it became clear that these crooks had returned to the Madrid area and this time, officers were able to swoop quickly upon two individuals as they were filmed on CCTV installing the cloning machines at cash dispensers in Fuenlabrada and Leganes.

Officers arrested the two men and confiscated computers, pen drives and clothing which corresponded with those they wearing in the CCTV footage and due to the seriousness of the charges, both men were remanded in custody prior to trial.


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