Alicante reminds foreign residents to sign up to the Padron

Javea town hall
JAVEA town hall announced a change in the time for the UK ambassador Credit: Wordpress

THE Alicante Diputacion is reminding all foreign residents to renew their registration on their local town hall’s Padron.

The campaign addressing residents from the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, asks them if they are aware that they should confirm their entries on the Padron.

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All residents of these countries who live in Spain for more than three months should be registered with the Central Registry of Foreign Nationals (RCE).  Their registry number then figures on the municipal Padron.

“If this your case and you continue to live in the province you must confirm this situation so that the town hall has an up-to-date record of your registration,” the Diputacion said.

“If you are already included in the RCE you should confirm it to the town hall every five years.  If you are not yet included in the RCE you must confirm it every two years.”

A change of address or any personal information that European citizens report to their town hall will have the same effect as express confirmation, the Diputacion continued.

“Confirmation of residency may consist of explicit declaration by the citizen or verification of residency by the local town hall.  If a European national fails to confirm his residence, the local council will instigate official proceedings to cancel that citizen’s registration and contact the person in question.”

Foreign residents not from the EU or the other countries cited need to renew their Padron registration every two years.

More information is available at in English, Dutch, French, German and Russian.


  1. Mala traducción al inglés. No es “express declaration” o “express confirmation” sino “explicit declaration” o “explicit confirmation”

  2. At first reading, I thought this meant that we should all be confirming right now as a check on the Ayuntamiento’s records whereas it’s just highlighting the existing requirements that EU residents must confirm after 5 years and so on.

    I presume that when Brexit happens, all UK residents in Spain might have to confirm every 2 years (depending on the negotiated relationship).


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