Volunteers create new municipal cattery in Torrevieja


A NEW cattery has opened in Torrevieja. The municipal shelter has been opened to accommodate cats who are waiting for a foster family or adoption and has been made possible thanks mainly to the work of volunteers, explained councillor for Animal Protection, Carmen Morate. The councillor said it has taken around a year to do it, renovating an old Red Cross building that has been moved to the site.

Thanks to material donated by AKI and the hard work of volunteers, it means the cats now have their very own bright and airy space with both indoor and outdoor areas, which is a vast improvement on the cages they were being kept in previously.

The cattery also has a plaque in honour of Viviana Laura Hunter, a passionate volunteer who recently passed away.

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President of the Animal Association, Lourdes Martinez, explained that she has tried to collaborate with various projects over the years to improve the living conditions of animals in the shelter, but was never allowed to do so until Carmen Morate became councillor for Animals. With permission granted, she set up a group of volunteers “of which I am super proud of and without whom this could not have been done.”

The cattery currently has 11 cats, all castrated and vaccinated, waiting for a new home.



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