Spanish Minister of the Interior travels to Niger for formal meetings

Ministry of the Interior Twitter
Juan Ignacio Zoido in the white shirt en route to Niger

AS part of the ongoing fight against terrorism and organised crime, Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido travelled to Niamey in the Republic of Niger to discuss points of cooperation with the president of that country, Mahamdou Issoufou.

In addition at the various meetings, were French Minister of the Interior Bruno Le Roux and Nigerian Minister of the Interior Mohamed Bazoum and those present, together with their civil servants considered the work that was being done on crime, terrorism and the ever increasing important matter of irregular immigration.

The European ministers congratulated both countries on their achievements in these fields and a new protocol allowed the National Police in Spain to liaise directly with their counterparts in France and Nigeria.

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It was noted in particular that despite problems within the country, the number of migrants leaving Nigeria had been cut from 70,000 per month to just 1,500 per month over a six month period which was seen to be a positive move against people smugglers.

“Niger is a fundamental partner of Spain in the Sahel and that is why we will strengthen our cooperation in the fight against terrorism, organised crime and irregular immigration” said Zoido at the culmination of what is considered to be a very successful meeting between representatives of the four countries.


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