WATCH: Rajoy skips BBC question in English after EU summit


SPAIN’S Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, passes on a question posed to him in English by the BBC after an EU summit in Brussels.

When Nick Eardley tried to ask Rajoy a question about Brexit in English, the Spanish leader said “Come on man, no we aren’t going to do that” and promptly passed the question over to a reporter who could speak Spanish.

It is not the first time the Prime Minister has had issues with the English language. In 2012, he famously said during a meeting with former Prime Minister David Cameron “It’s very difficult, todo esto.”

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  1. As “it’s not the first time” the BBC reporter displayed a shameful, crass lack of sensitivity tantamount to a calculated insult.

    This is precisely the sort of doltish behaviour which will prejudice #Brexit & in particular the interests of expats.

  2. The BBC should be renamed The SUN and be done with it. They now jump to Rupert’s tune. Brexit was based on an absolute pack of lies, but the Brexiteers still don’t get it and scream, I want out so I will be able to eat bent Bananas & Cucumbers. Then they say, don’t make out we are thick.

  3. In France, they speak in French. In Italy they speak in Italian, in China they speak in Chinese. In the UK they speak in English.In Spain we speak Spanish. What’s all this about?

  4. “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. It’s disrespectful to go to another country, and expect people there to know your language.Don’t you think? A bit unprofessional…


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