The Real Marigold Hotel

Sheila Ferguson in India extreme right

THE BBC has enjoyed considerable success with a programme entitled the Real Marigold Hotel based on the concept of the popular movie which saw a number of elderly people retiring to live in a hotel in India.

Currently, the second series of this reality show is airing on the BBC with eight celebrity OAPs living together in the city of Kerala and exploring the genuine concept of retirement in this friendly but somewhat alien environment.

One of those taking part is Mallorca resident Sheila Ferguson formerly of American girl band the Three Degrees who will always be remembered as Prince Charles’s favourite group and she has revealed to the BBC Magazine that the experience has really changed her outlook on life.

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Since the death of her partner Jon in 2010, she realises now that she had become lonely and, although not intentionally, something of a recluse as her children live in England and Dubai and especially in the winter when she can go for days without seeing anybody until the cleaner arrives.

Suddenly being thrust into a completely different culture with seven people she didn’t know was difficult at first as she wasn’t used to accommodating the needs of other people especially when they were in such close proximity, but as the days passed not only did she start to enjoy herself but she realised how much she had missed the company of others.

Now she has to decide what the future holds for her and whether she would be better off moving from her place in Mallorca to somewhere that would give her more emotional and mental stimulation.


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