Mother nature reclaims the Azure Window

Maltese Armed Forces/Twitter
DESTRUCTION: mother nature unleashed

Ravaged by strong and violent winds, the ´Azure Window´, a 28 metre tall natural arch on the island of Gozo in Malta collapsed yesterday. One of the most inescapable tourist attractions in Malta, it was used as a backdrop for the marriage of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo in television series Game of Thrones.

This great limestone arch over the sea most likely appeared in the 19th century and became a symbol of untamed beauty on the island of Gozo.

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Due to a storm which raged for days on the coastline, the whole structure has collapsed. Only the cliff remains, while the column and arch have disappeared into the sea.

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that after years of commissioned reports indicating the natural monument would eventually succumb to natural erosion, the sad day has finally come.

´The Sea was crashing below the arch´, Roger Chessel, a resident of the island, told the Times of Malta. ´Suddenly the arch collapsed, causing an immense spray of water. When the water settled, the column had also disappeared´.

To protect the natural monument, the Maltese government had banned all access in December, issuing fines of €1500 to anyone who stepped foot on the arch. 


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