Little Girl challenges the mighty Wall Street Charging Bull

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The little girl stares down the raging bull

AS a reminder of the concepts behind International Women’s Day, advertising agency McCann on behalf of Boston based State Street Global Advisors has placed a statue of a young girl directly in front of the charging bull, a symbol of Wall Street.

According to the investment company, this is supposed to represent a plea to Wall Street to increase the number of female financial advisors from its current almost derisory 15 per cent and to recognise the importance that women can play in commerce.

The bull was a piece of ‘guerrilla art’ originally placed in Wall Street following the 1987 stock market crash and due to public support it was allowed to remain in Manhattan but was moved to Bowling Green Park in the Financial District.


This new piece of the school age girl received temporary permission to be placed opposite the bull from the city council and it is hoped that it too will be allowed to stay in place as a reminder of the importance that women play in society and the need for gender equality.


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