Just who gives them the right?

Caption: Oscar winners Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Casey Affleck at the 89th Academy Awards.

IF you even bothered to watch it, I’ve no doubt you thoroughly enjoyed the cock-up at the Oscars ceremony last week.

As usual the ‘stars’, who often find it impossible to connect two words without a script, were utterly tongue-tied at the mix up, producing more waffles than Dick’s fast food Diner.

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True to form, in their usual predictable arrogance, a number of them subsequently decided to use the opportunity to spout their knowledge of world affairs. Why is it, that purely because they have attained success in their particular field, they automatically assume they have now earned the right to deliver their political views to all and sundry? As entertainers, theirs is primarily a profession that should help its fans to escape, not indulge in the trials and tribulations of our real, often depressing existence.

Why don’t they stick to what they are grossly overpaid for?

We also need to remember that most of the ‘stars’ of the acting industry are uneducated drop outs. High school failures, who decided that egotistic greatness was more important than educational gratification. Hardly the qualifications that give them the right to advise us on world issues.

If I want to listen to politicians I’ll tune in to ‘Politics Today’ or ‘PMQ.’ Give us a break. They are of course often encouraged to regale us with rubbish.

I actually recall that when I achieved my ‘overnight stardom’, (twinkle twinkle!), I was suddenly inundated by a whole host of media outlets for my views on just about everything; from politics to puritism.

All I had actually achieved to suddenly become an authority on all these Earthly affairs, was to warble a three minute, albeit quite catchy, tune on a bit of vinyl! Hardly a qualification to become a bottomless pit of invaluable knowledge!

Oh, and by the way, I am increasingly of the view that Trump could become one of the truly great Presidents of American history.

Wot ya mean,’practice what you preach?’ I’m a columnist now, innit!

Keep the faith…

Love Leapy
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  1. Amazing! The irony continues. What rule book are you using to insist that entertainers should be confined to keeping their views to themselves? You are an entertainer of sorts. Doesn’t stop you. The “entertainment” business is peopled from all walks of life. To attack them wholesale as incoherent, arrogant, deadbeats is the second ironic clanger you have dropped.
    “Most of the stars of the acting industry are uneducated drop outs. High school failures, who decided that egotistic greatness was more important than educational gratification”. Were you looking in the mirror when you wrote that? Out of interest I checked out the early lives of a number of extremely talented and successful actors, including Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson amongst others. What is an apparent trend amongst many of these people is this. Many of them came from modest or poor backgrounds. Many came from broken families. Many of them had difficulties conforming to the norm of drudgery in their lives. Many completed High school though certainly not all. Many dropped out of High School to enroll in Acadamies devoted to Stage or Film careers. All of them struggled bloody hard at their chosen careers. They all suffered setbacks. Most of them are highly articulate, intelligent people.
    As you stated, you are not qualified to become a bottomless pit of invaluable knowledge. But you are eminently qualified to to be a bottomless pit of vindictive rubbish. Ironic indeed! Oy!

  2. To Mr.UKTeddyboy.
    I am delightd to respond to your response to my response last week. I thought I would address you this week as it seems pertinant to do so. You ask where I have sprung from. I have made many previous comments over the years, for your enlightenment. You suggest that have just been “let out”. Perhaps you could elaborate on this. I am puzzled. Let out from where exactly?. Jail? No. Unlike Mr Pulleyblank, I do not have a criminal record. I certainly have not stabbed anyone. Unlike Mr.P.
    I did indeed reply to the column. Mr.P,s comment about irony was an invitation to respond.
    All the quotes in your second paragraph were direct quotes from Mr.P. himself. I am not describing myself. In my opinion, Mr.P. is describing himself. Hence the relevence of addressing the remark about irony.
    I can also attest that I also have not been let of any mental institution either. So, please retract this comment with a full apology.
    You suggest that perhaps I would have preferred Hilary Clinton. Hardly. I too have a profound distrust for her as well as her husband. Trump was a no better choice than Clinton. There was a third choice who was Bernie Sanders, but he got derailed. If he had gone up against Trump it would have been a no brainer, and the world would have taken a positive step.
    Your admission that you have failed to investigate Trump’s past makes you eminently unsuitable to say anything.
    So. You are in the UK!!!!. Thank God.

  3. Notice Trump NEVER provides any evidence for his outrageous allegations. He just makes things up. Remind you of anyone? Like Leapy, for instance?

    Following Trump’s crazy tweets saying Obama wiretapped him, his loyal minion Sean Spicer said Obama got Britain’s GCHQ to do it! Here’s his quote, “He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice, he used GCHQ.” How on Earth? And where’s the evidence? Well, there is none.

    Here’s GCHQ’s unprecedented reply. “Recent allegations… about GCHQ being asked to conduct wiretapping against the then president-elect are nonsense. They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.” GCHQ’s words, not mine. Then it took further intervention from number 10 before the current White House Mafia decided to grudgingly issue a statement that they won’t repeat the allegations. Somebody should tell them once something is said, it can not be unsaid. Take note Leapy!

    But our very own Leapy STILL professes his absolute admiration for this paranoid, fantasist, liar of a president.

    Takes one to know one, but which one’s worse? Trump or Leapy? Well, one of them thinks he’s smart for hiding his tax returns. The other just thinks he’s smart.

  4. The mystery of the disappearing posts… I wonder does the EWN web system just delete or misplace them or does someone come along and delete some every so often? On practically every columnists list of comments that one day you read, there seem to be more on one day than on other days… but when there are less there are always less. Doesn’t seem to make this a very reliable comments system to be honest! On the posts that appear to suddenly disappear… I could understand if they were offensive of sorts but none of the comments that seem to disappear have been offensive, from what I have ever remembered! I am not referring to mine BTW although I have noticed that on one list of comments when I made a second on the same list and it was posted the first mysteriously disappeared… very odd way to run a comments list!


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