Guardia Civil dismantle cocaine smuggling group in the Canary Islands

Guardia Civil
A scene from one arrest

THE Canary Islands were being used as a staging post for drug trafficking and money laundering according to a report from the Guardia Civil which has been involved in the arrest of 12 people in Las Palmas and one in Italy.

Investigations started in 2014 and painstakingly pieced together details of a gang of conspirators who were predominantly from Colombia, Lithuania and the Ukraine with the Europeans settling in Las Palmas and living an expensive life style.

After raiding 10 properties and two speed boats, officers found more than €500,000 in cash as well as a great deal of useful documentation both in paper form and on computers and it has been established that this cartel shipped at least 398 kilos of cocaine into Europe.

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In addition, the investigation has obtained information of the chain of delivery of the drugs from Colombia through to Las Palmas and onwards as well as identifying 140 people in Colombia and Spain who are involved in small amounts of money laundering which when combined amount to a large amount.

The Guardia Civil worked on this investigation with the National Police of Colombia, Europol, German and Portuguese Police.


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