Two children spend the night trapped in car with dead father and seriously injured mother in Valencia

Consorcio Provincial de Bomberos de Valencia
Site of the car crash in Montixelvo

TWO small children spent the night beside their father’s dead body and their seriously injured mother after a car crash.

Help did not arrive until the following morning when they were discovered near Montixelvo (Valencia) by a farm worker who called the emergency services.

The 36-year-old man died as a result of the accident when the car left the road and plummeted onto terraced agricultural land below. 


His wife, aged 27, and their five-year-old daughter were trapped inside the car although the son, who is six, was found outside in a state of shock.

Once freed by firemen, the girl was taken by helicopter to Hospital La Fe in Valencia City owing to the gravity of her injuries, the emergency services said later.  Her brother was admitted to Valencia City’s Hospital Clinico with bruising and concussion.  The mother, also with head injuries, was transferred by road to Gandia General Hospital.

Sources close to the case revealed that the family, who are not Spanish, live in Onteniente.


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