Police inhibitor wreaks havoc with cars in Torremolinos


DRIVERS of modern cars are reporting issues with their vehicles when driving past, or parking near, the National Police station in Torremolinos.

People parking their cars on Skal and Brasil Street find that they cannot lock their cars with remote keys, often resulting in people unknowingly leaving their vehicles unlocked.

Similar issues occur at every police station however the signal strength and range at the Torremolinos headquarters has caused numerous complaints.

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There have also been reports of the latest models of cars shutting down when driving past the station, blocking the road until the inhibitor is turned off or the car is towed.

Residents have been at loggerheads with the police for years but one resident said although it is “much easier to steal a car on this street, the fact that its next to a police station compensates it.”

A police spokesperson said the inhibitors are “essential for the security of every single police station,” and added the frequencies are “limited and cannot be changed.”


  1. Their spokesman is ill informed. Limited available frequencies has nothing to do with the strength of the signal being thrown out. I wonder what their reaction will be when a pedestrian is killed due to their blocker killing a vehicle control system which could incidentally be a bus or lorry?
    Will they be so laid back then when a negligence lawsuit hits them? Could they be done for manslaughter as they were perfectly aware prior to the incident?

  2. I am not dure of the applicable laws in Spain, but surely there has to be one that prohibits transmitting radiowaves that cause such problems without a licence. If the police station has a licence then the public roads must be blocked off to any traffic that would be adversely affected and clear signs in all languages displayed. Any legal eagles reading this who might know?

  3. What an interesting and quite disturbing story.
    Some 10 years ago I recall staying with a friend in Alcaza de San Juan. He lived directly opposite a police station.
    The next day when I tried to start my car it was dead. My pal towed me to a local Renault garage.
    There the mechanic could find no problem, as my car started at the first attempt.
    We drove away very puzzled and relieved. My Pal, who is Spanish, was convinced that it was something to do with the Police Station transmissions opposite his apartment block. So it would appear that this problem has been going on for some considerable time and apart from the inconvenience. Thankfully no one has been injured….yet.


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