Malia, singer and actress, tells of her love for Marbella

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Malia relaxing in Marbella

WHEN three-year-old Malia Arkian was brought to the UK from Iran by her parents as they travelled to set up a new life, it is unlikely that they would have forecast that the little girl would grow up to become so well known.

Having settled in Manchester, the young Malia originally planned to become a midwife but the glamour of celebrity and ‘girliness’ proved to be too strong and she entered the Miss Manchester competition doing very well although she decided that the pageant life wasn’t for her.

Music was her first love and the singer songwriter who is very much into the ‘grime’ movement (effectively musical British Rap espoused by the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Stormzy) and she spent some time flitting between the UK and Los Angeles where she became friendly with rapper Tyga who would later to go out with Kylie Jenner.

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Seven years ago she first visited Marbella after signing a record deal and fell in love with the city and now back in the Costa del Sol again for a few days Malia, travelling with her friend Jessica, found it hard to believe that the same vibe which she loved so much was still present.

“I’m seriously thinking that it would be great to live here” she told EWN “although driving is a bit difficult with narrow roads and a satnav that doesn’t seem to work.”

Although this is a short vacation, she is talking to Fake Bake, a tanning company, about the possibility of doing some work for them in Spain and she has also been enjoying the nightspots in Banus and Nueva Andalucia.

Malia shot to UK fame when she was sensationally kicked off Love Island, a TV reality show on her first day after a row with a fellow contestant which gave her a huge amount of publicity but also a great deal of heartbreak.

She had auditioned for this show and Big Brother and had eventually decided to go with Love Island but wasn’t prepared to be ‘bullied’ as she saw it and whilst receiving a great deal of positive social media response from girls who had been bullied, she was also the subject of a hate campaign which upset her a great deal.

After receiving fantastic support from her family “I decided that the only way is up” laughed Malia and she went back to music but also landed a part in a new British movie Dangerous Game starring many well-known names including Calum Best.

“I play a ‘honey trap’ but hopefully there will be a sequel in which my character reveals hidden depths” she commented “It was great to work with Calum who is a really nice person.”

Lover of Marbella, an actress who is enjoying learning about the entire film business, singer and great company, Malia can be followed via @onlymalia. 


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