Citizen group against Brexit collects funds to lobby peers

Stop the Silence Facebook
Mobile billboard outside the Palace of Westminster

A CROWDFUNDING campaign, Stop the Silence, is raising money to allow an apparently independent anti-Brexit group to pay for posters and mobile billboards to roll out across the country exhorting peers in particular to take action against a hard Brexit.

On their Facebook page, they say that they “don’t believe that the government has a mandate for the hard Brexit outlined in its recent White Paper.”

“We don’t believe the country should be left with ‘deal or no deal.’ This leaves us with no safety net if the majority of the country doesn’t like the deal negotiated with the EU. We didn’t vote for this because these questions were not on the ballot paper.


“We believe it is unacceptable that millions of UK and EU citizens face such uncertainty about their futures. No one voted for that!

“The current culture of intimidation and abuse, online and in the media, goes against this country’s traditions of fair and open debate. We need to stop the silence that surrounds hard Brexit.”

Coincidentally, a Labour amendment tabled in the House of Lords calls for the absolute approval of Parliament before any deal on leaving the EU could be finalised and goes on to also give Parliament an effective veto if no deal was struck and Mrs May decided to leave the EU without an agreement on terms.

Former Prime Minister John Major continues to criticise Mrs May’s position although she is supported by former Chancellor Lord Lamont.



  1. It was perfectly clear –
    No ECJ,
    No Customs Union,
    Control our Borders,
    No “internal market” membership,
    No payments to Brussels in tribute


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