One quarter of One Direction arrested at Los Angeles airport

Featureflash Photo Agency Shutterstock
Louis and Eleanor in earlier days

SOCIAL MEDIA has been buzzing after the news was released that Louis Tomlinson, one of the singers with the very popular boy band One Direction, had been arrested at Los Angeles airport following scuffles with a photographer and two girls.

According to the singer’s lawyer, as they were walking through the terminal, he was provoked by a paparazzi who refused to stop filming him and in an ensuing scuffle, Tomlinson appears to have tripped over and pulled the photographer down with him as well.

Following this, he rushed to the rescue of his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder who was allegedly being threatened by two girls.

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After the coupled walked away the paparazzi apparently made a citizen’s arrest and the singer was taken into custody by the local police before being released on $20,000 (€18,800) bail and will be required to appear in court on March 29.


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