Good intentions cause more embarrassment for Jeremy Corbyn

Kevin Walsh flickr
Jeremy Corbyn practising what he preaches

IT appears that the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is at best ‘accident prone’ or at worst badly advised as after suggesting that politicians should publish their tax returns and doing so himself, media speculation arose over supposedly missing income.

In the return, he showed his earned income as being £77,019 (€88,932), effectively his salary as an MP but it was soon pointed out that he became leader of the party in September 2015 so the additional salary which goes with the job should have been declared in the tax return ending March 2016.

After several hours of embarrassment it transpired that the accountants responsible for completing the tax return had inexplicably actually included £27,192 (€31,409) representing the leadership ‘bonus’ for the period served under a section entitled ‘pension and state benefits.’

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According to his spokesperson, the tax paid by Mr Corbyn of £35,298 (€40,792) was correct although the figures will increase once he has served the next full year in the position where his salary excluding office allowances will be in excess of £130,000 (€150,356).

This salary is only surpassed by (in order of value) Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish First Minister), John Bercow (Speaker of the House), Theresa May (Prime Minister), Carwyn Jones (Welsh First Minister) and all Cabinet Ministers.


  1. The last paragraph is woefully inaccurate, suggestive, incomparable nonsense. It should be rewritten. The author has failed to report fairly. Thousands of people earn more than this. Even I can as a safety contractor working part of the year can.

  2. Paul – thank you for your comment but the intention of the paragraph was to show how Mr Corbyn’s salary compared to other British politicians and to show that there were many more who earned more than him. I hadn’t realised that the First Minister in Scotland and the Speaker of the House of Commons earn more than the Prime Minister and thought that this might be of interest to our readers.


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