Speedy Gonzales sentenced in Almeria

HOT WHEELS: The offending vehicle was a Nissan GT-R.

A DRIVER caught on a radar in January doing 276 kmph in an area with a 90kmph speed limit has lost his licence for three years and been given a four-month jail sentence.

Although the defendant and the passenger in the car at the time it was photographed on the N347 both claimed it was the passenger that was driving at the time and that they had later swapped places, the criminal court judge decided this was untrue.

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Judge Manuel Jose Rey said in his sentence that the amount of time it took for the car to reach a police checkpoint about two kilometres away (less than three minutes) and the road and traffic conditions would not have allowed time for the men to stop the car and exchange places. Plus, the judge pointed out, neither man said anything about having swapped when they were stopped by the police.

The Public Prosecutor may take up a case against the passenger and witness for making false statements in court.


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