Human tower member dies in training accident in Spain

David Ortega Baglietto /
FILE PIC: The XXVI Tarragona Human Tower Competition on October 2, 2016 in Tarragona, Spain

A 51-year-old man died and two others were injured when they were crushed by a metal structure at a human tower team’s training room in Tarragona, Spain.

Investigating police said the accident happened when the three were dismantling the  metal training structure which had been supporting a safety net.

In a statement the Xiquets del Serrallo town council said it had been a ‘terrible accident’ and offered condolences to the family of the dead man.

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Human tower building is a Catalan tradition that involves people climbing on to each other’s shoulders to create the tallest and most complex tower.

Towers can reach up to ten ‘human’ layers but are only deemed successful if they can keep their balance and get down again without any falls.

The main competition in Tarragona takes place every October and attracts thousands of spectators.


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