Pleas to control caterpillar problems in Calvia


CIUDADANOS spokesman Carlos Tarancon has called on Calvia town hall to address and manage the growing processionary caterpillar problem across the town.

Tarancon denounced that the species was poorly managed in 2016, leading to an even larger number appearing this spring.

He said, “there have been no aggressive actions against this species, which caused the caterpillars to reproduce; the rise in temperature has caused the cocoons to open early.” 

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  1. These dangerous pests are a problem everywhere, especially where there are a large number of holiday homes where the owners are not there at this time of year. Most Ayuntamientos do not want to know. When I reported a number of large nests on my urbanisation on the Costa Blanca, all at uninhabited properties at the time, I was told “there are too many for us to treat”. So I paid for as many as I could afford to be removed and at 10€ a nest that wasn’t many.

    What is it going to take for the local councils to step up to this problem I wonder?


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