Greater accessibility for deaf people in Almuñecar


ALMUÑECAR had put in place a video interpretation service for deaf people.  The move means deaf people will be able to contact and use municipal services without the use of a sign language interpreter.

The initiative comes after the City Council joined the Provinvial Network of Accessible Municipalities. Among those present at the launch ceremony were Deputy Leader of Social Welfare, Olvido de Rosa Baena, President of the Andalucian Foundation for Accessbility and Deaf People, Alfredo Gomez Fernandez and Councillor for Social Welfare, Maria del Carmen Reinoso.  

Ms del Carmen Reinoso commented, “Almuñécarone of the 14 municipalities of the province that will have this service”. She added it was important “we are convinced that our work should be aimed at achieving universal accessibility. Our work should be aimed at improving all services, products and environments so that they can be used on an equal basis by all people”.



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