A bitter and twisted approach

TWO PHOTOS: The explanation is of course simple.

JUST whose side are the British media actually on?

It does seem that almost anything that may be commendable, or praiseworthy concerning  the UK, is immediately put down by cynical news people; who really do appear to only be interested in pouring rain on any British parade that waves a Union Jack. 

Good news is immediately tempered by the introduction of some sourpuss leftie, who then proceeds to heap doom, gloom and scorn, on whatever positive announcement that has preceded them. And they are always given the last word. 

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 I’m convinced the media is full of losers and jealous wannabes. People who really wanted to be stars or high flying politicians.  Many of them have had to settle for second best and are subsequently bitter and twisted in their approach to anything that may be a plus, or indeed benificial to those achievers they are reporting. This attitude also gives credence to Mr Trump’s allegations of fake news. An example of this are the two photos showing the crowds at both his and Obama’s inaugeration. 

Obama’s showed thousands of people, shoulder to shoulder, packing out the area in front of the Presidential presentation.  The second, at Trump’s swearing in, showed a far less attendance of people, with great gaps in the audience.

 Underneath, the caption read, ‘Where are the crowds Mr Trump?’ Well of course this is typical of our esteemed media’s attempts to discredit someone who they most certainly hate. The explanation was of course simple. 

The photos were taken at different times of the day. Obama’s during the inaugeration and Trump’s some time earlier in the day. And what about immigrant issues? 

By the recent coverage, or lack of it, the problem appears to have been solved. Ha! Over just the last few weeks there have been immigrants rioting on the streets of Brussels, France, Sweden and Germany! No, I’m afraid that to me the whole scenario stinks of corrupt collusion in high places. Oh, and by the way, the irony of writing this piece has not escaped me!

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  1. People are catching on to MSM now, I myself tend to ignore it mostly. It’s not just Trump’s inauguration or progress that is being manipulated by MSM but fairly much everything. Sky, CNN, BBC, Mail etc. all make the news they want to make the news to be! Taking it even further they look at the public as fools. I have seen headlines, then you read the story and the headline takes no reference from the story, it is concocted to get ppl’s attention. Think of the problems in the UK with FGM, underage marriage and those that promote them when not 1 charge has been made, the mess the EU is in and their inability to run the union, the huge aid payments paid to other countries many who don’t need it, the issues caused by refugees/economic migrants in Germany, Sweden and France… MSM have no interest in reporting them but only in pushing their own agenda which appears to be bash Trump and Brexit. MSM are destroying journalism while many now starting to revert to indipendent media journalism such as Rebel and others… these will grow and current MSM will have a major job on their hands getting their reputation back, if they ever do. 🙂

  2. Same with Papers they stick lies all over front Page to create huge paper sales.. Then few days later a tiny piece in one column inside paper states we apologised for our error & have settled out of court with ????????
    Buy two papers & you have same story on Front page & you would think they were different stories & same with TV Channels
    For Blatant Lies in Reporting of Worst kind : They should ban Paper from being printed ( Sufficient number of Days ) As to TV same no News Broadcasts for certain amount of time. I realise Both extremely difficult to inforce :::. But could try something

  3. The irony certainly has not escaped your critics, either, Mr Pulleyblank. The question is, however, which particular irony are we talking about?
    Would it be the section about “losers and jealous wannabees” or “having to settle for second best and are subsequently bitter and twisted”? ” People who really wanted to be stars”?
    Would it be the fact that almost every rant you have spewed up over the past few years would appear to have been an aping of the very same news stories that you now discredit but which clearly have come from the same gutter press that you so slavishly adhere to?
    It was you who some time ago ranted on in support of a story put out by one of the worst English newspapers; a story that the same news organ almost immediately had to publicly retract as utter rubbish when indisputable evidence appeared to expose that fact. And what did you do to correct your false statements to correct the situation? Absolutely nothing. “Oh dear, got the facts wrong. Oh well, no matter, onto the next piece of tripe.” You and Trump seem to have an awful lot in common. Alternate facts when the present ones have no legs whatsoever, present another set of falsehoods. And on and on and on.
    Why don’t you confront your critics directly to defend your position instead of hiding behind the excuse that you are too busy?
    Because you would not last two minutes in a real debate, is why. Oy Vey!

  4. @@@ Jonathan Whittingham
    Don’t know where you have sprung from as cannot see any previous Comments ( Unless of course they have just let You out)
    You cannot even reply to Column BUT have to dig at person who wrote it… Most of what you say is wrong


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