Puppies in Velez-Malaga rescued from owner who was arrested for mistreatment

National Police
One of the rescued puppies

HAVING received an alert from a member of the public, officers from the National Police attended a property in Velez-Malaga where they discovered two puppies in extreme distress and arrested their owner.

It appears that the two animals spent most of their time locked in the courtyard of a house and were effectively abandoned to the elements so that when the officers discovered them they were in an extremely poor state of health and needed immediate medical treatment.

One of the released dogs had to be urgently admitted to a veterinary clinic suffering from convulsions, fever, sore pads and also suffered acute episodes of anxiety and panic as well as suffering from the disease leichmaniasis which can prove fatal.

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Neither dog had received compulsory vaccinations, nor had they been chipped but following their confiscation and the arrest of their owner, they are now recovering slowly with a foster family.


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