Controversy in Las Palmas after drag queen dressed as Virgin Mary wins competition

Drag Sethlas dressed as the Virgin Mary

LAS PALMAS carnival sparked controversy when one of its contestants won the drag queen competition dressed as the Virgin Mary, and then depicted Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

Drag Sethlas, dressed as the Virgin Mary, performed to Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ and stunned the 6,000 people at the Santa Catalina Park with his performance.

The show soon went viral, dividing those who saw it.

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The Bishop of the Canary Islands, Francisco Cases, said in an announcement the performance was “frivolous blasphemy.”

He added the depiction of the Virgin Mary on the night made it his “saddest day” during his stay on the islands, even more than the plane crash at Barajas airport in 2008 which claimed 154 people.

Drag Sethlas said he saw “nothing offensive” in his performance as he was just “depicting something that happened in history that is part of our lives.”


  1. So the religious man of the cloth thinks a drag queen impersonating the virgin mary is worse than 154 deaths in a fiery plane crash. No wonder people have no respect for the church anymore.


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