Driver of car that killed Fatima Dorado may be involved in ‘plea bargain’

The shrine to Fatima at the scene of the accident

A REPORT by the Daily Mail suggests that 39-year-old Westley Capper who was arrested in May 2016 after hitting and killing Fatima Dorado in San Pedro Alcantara has effectively been involved in a ‘plea bargain’ in advance of his trial.

Driving a Bentley at speeds well over the limit and allegedly fuelled by alcohol and cocaine, the British ‘playboy’ not only ran down the Bolivian woman and mother of a one-year-old child, but fled the scene without stopping and was arrested soon afterwards at an Indian restaurant in nearby Diana Park.

It has emerged that he has admitted the offence and expressed regret at his actions and has paid towards the funeral of Ms Dorado as well as making regular contributions to her surviving family.


According to the article, prosecutors are likely to request a two-year, six-month prison sentence and a three-year, six-month driving ban when the matter comes to court but Mr Capper is also likely to stand trial on the separate matter of the alleged abduction of missing Agnese Klavina from a nightclub in Marbella.


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