Lord Heseltine to fight another female Prime Minister, this time over Brexit

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Lord Heseltine

FAMOUS as much as anything for resigning from the Cabinet after a massive disagreement with Margaret Thatcher, Lord Heseltine is now leading a revolt against Theresa May in the House of Lords.

In an article published in the Mail on Sunday, Heseltine, a media baron in his own right, has thrown down the gauntlet over the bill to allow the government to trigger Article 50.

Allied with rebels from all parties in the Lords, he will be leading a challenge to amend the White Paper in order to shackle the government so that Parliament would have the right to veto any proposed agreement presented by Mrs May and also to stop her from simply walking away and triggering article 50 anyway.


His argument is that following the Supreme Court ruling, it is Parliament in the form of MPs and peers who have the authority to make the final decision on the Brexit terms and goes on further to suggest that if the European Parliament and those of the 27 other member states can have their say, it is unthinkable for the British Parliament not to be able to have any right of disagreement..

Clearly the government and supporters of Brexit are not in favour of any opposition to the proposed Bill and have immediately accused the Lord and his followers as being ‘bad losers.’


  1. He & the “grey man” John Major along with cheerleader Ken Clarke were wrong

    1. were wrong on signing the Exchange rate Mechanism (ERM)

    2. were wrongly at the forefront of signing our rights away in the federalising Mastericht Treaty

    3. were wrong on #Brexit

    Enough of these has beens.

  2. This idiot should shut up and leave May to do what she has to do. Britain will be far better off out of the the ‘Union’, and its likely many other countries will follow. The European Union has turned out to be a disaster for all concerned. Hell, they even tell us what shape our banana’s have to be.

  3. Twit Heseltine, has had sour grapes for decades and cannot stop winging. Blair’s Brexit Actions are ‘Premeditated’ and in ‘Unison’ with the ‘House of Lords’ to allow the Lisbon Treaty to Fully Kick in on 1 April 2017, becoming EU Law and which will then Stop Brexit Ever Happening – https://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/blairs-brexit-actions-are-premeditated.html

  4. “Lord” Heseltine : says it all. To even threaten the delaying of triggering Article 50 smacks of an abuse of power. It also gives rise to the suspicion that this man has a serious financial interest in the EU (which nobody voted to join,other than some of our MPs,many of whom are now drawing incredible salaries and pensions from said organisation).Now that the “common” people and the majority of MPs have voted to leave this club,he is doing everyrthing he can to thwart the will of the people. Surely,it is only a matter of a decade or so before the common people will insist on dissolving the unelected,undemocratic House of Lords =House of Political Buddies.

  5. The famous EU straight banana myth:
    At least one commentator here actually BELIEVES the myth about straight bananas! This prompts the question, what other myths does he believe? And how many myths did the Brexit voters believe?

    Just try Googling ‘EU myths’ and choose the reputable websites to let truth and common sense prevail.

    The disinformation goes way beyond straight bananas.

  6. Its good to see there are sensible people that comment here, people who actually appear intelligent enough to understand it does not make sense or logical explaination to remain in the backward, wasteful, destructive and obscene union called the EU when we can unlock the shackles and start to go back to a direction where the country we are citizens of make the decisions and elect the people who run the country along with its laws and regulations! Unless you are one of the ones who misguided or benefit from any financial give aways or economic gains that are made with UK money but made to look like its coming from somewhere else!

    Sooner we are out the better for the UK and its peoples, still… those who can’t see the light can keep on believing whatever the hell they want and good luck to them 🙂


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