Xabia draws up forest fire plan

MEDI XXI GABINET DE SOLUCIONS INTEGRALS: Measures reducing risk of forest fires

THE CITY of Xabia has put together a series of measures to reduce the risk of forest fires.  The plan, which was revealed on Monday, also aims to reduce the risk of casualties in the event of fire. 

A specialist firm has been employed to lead the operation, Medi XXI Gabinet de Solucions Integrals.  The company has met with members from the fire services, Guardia Civil, Local and National Police, Forest Brigade, Civil Protection, Red Cross and local volunteer groups, making contact and explaining their plan.

The engineer responsible for the strategy, Ferran Dalmau, explained that Xàbia has 2,500 hectares of forest and  it was therefore important to focus efforts on areas where forests and urbanisations touch. He also set out the different causes of fire, such as arson, weather conditions and negligence, and explained it was the responsibility of every resident to be prepared to act.  

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Mr Dalmau added that new firewalls should be created and that residents will be given training and new equipment so that in the event of fire they aid professionals, rather than hinder them.  He finished by emphasising prevention was much cheaper than cure, revealing that the cost of firefighting reached around €600,000 a day when the Granadella burnt down. 


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