Petition to abolish toll roads gains traction on Costa del Sol

AP7 MOTORWAY: Calls to waive the tolls

A PETITION demanding free travel along the tolled AP7 motorway when the free A-7 grinds to a standstill is gathering pace. At the time of writing more than 800 local residents had signed the petition on

Frustrated travellers demand that the toll be waived on the AP7 when the torturous stretch from Fuengirola – Riviera del Sol – Marbella is seriously affected by heavy traffic, roadworks or accidents. 

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The petition was launched after last week’s debacle which saw huge delays stretching back over 13km after a truck carrying cookies overturned on the A-7. That was the final straw for many locals who now want a permanent solution to the problem. 

Due to the tightness and business of the road, the slightest problem can, and often does, cause horrendous traffic jams. Even ambulances and police vehicles struggle to navigate the ensuing madness. The petition notes that this is dangerous for road safety, adds to pollution and costs both citizens and the government lots of money in wasted time and fuel. 

By waiving the toll on the AP7 traffic would smooth itself out and people would get home or to work on time. The petition hopes to acquire 1,000 signatures so it can be sent to the relevant authorities. 

The logical next step of course is the prospect of the complete liberalisation of the AP7 for local residents. There have been murmurs about such a move for some time and this petition may just be the kick start needed. 

It would open up the often empty motorway for Costa del Sol residents and tremendously improve traffic flow across the region. Money talks, however, and serious pressure will need to be applied to local politicians for change to come. A similar scheme offering Mallorca residents discounts for train travel was abolished after a German tourist complained to the EU that it was discriminatory.

You can sign the peitition here.


  1. … ” Mallorca residents discounts for train travel was abolished after a German tourist complained to the EU that it was discriminatory. “.. We see this time and time again. It takes a petition of 1000’s to get something done and then a single objection gets it undone. Case of the tail wagging the dog over and over again!

  2. It may be all well and good to make it free but how would you know ? there are no signs before each toll saying the cost.
    Because the price can double at odd times and you don’t know how much the toll will cost until you are at the barriers, I think they should state the price before you use it, in fact I asked the EU to look at why the cost is not shown before you use it. The reply I got just said they (the EU) were looking at introducing cards where you pay after using it (completely missed my point).


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