Drugs killer surrenders after shooting


A DRUG trafficker shot dead a fellow dealer and then turned the gun on the man’s wife in front of their baby daughter.

Detectives are working on the theory the killing, in a garage in Cartagena, follows a cocaine deal that went wrong.

Police said both men had known each other for some years and were linked to ‘small-scale’ drug trafficking in the Jose Maria de Lapuerta neighbourhood.

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After the killing the man organised his own surrender to National Police officers.

He told them he would give himself up but wanted a particular individual officer to be present.

Police believe the meeting between the two dealers had been called to pay off a drugs debt involving around half a kilo of cocaine.

The killer, who has a wife and two children, is said to have lured the man to a garage on the pretext of sorting out the deal.

But he then shot dead his fellow dealer, who had recently completed a prison sentence for drug-related offences.

He also shot the man’s wife, named in reports as Josefina, although she survived her injuries.

It is understood the injured woman worked in a perfumery store.

The couple’s baby daughter was in the back of the car but was unharmed.



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