Spanish man arrested for alleged double murder of his own children in Germany

VAIHINGEN AN DER ENZ: The attacks took place in the sleepy town just north of Stuttgart in southern Germany.

A DIVORCED 38-year-old man from Sevilla has been arrested in Vaihingen an der Enz, Germany, on suspicion of killing his two young boys.

The lifeless bodies of the children, aged 4 and 5, were discovered by their estranged mother, who turned up to collect them a day earlier than planned.

According to the initial autopsy report, they had suffered several deep stab wounds to the chest and had been beaten around the head with a blunt object.

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The alleged perpetrator, who attempted to harm himself after committing the attacks, has been identified as Sergio Oliva, an engineer who moved to Germany from southern Spain in 2014.

He is currently being held in the mental health department of a local hospital, and has thus far refused to cooperate with police.

His ex-wife is in a separate area of the same hospital as she suffered a mental breakdown in the wake of her discovery.

The pair separated a few months ago, and the children were spending the weekend with their father after he collected them from nursery on Friday February 17 without informing their mother.

She decided to go to his home around 8pm on Saturday after becoming afraid that he would harm the boys because he threatened to copy Jose Breton at one point during the divorce proceedings.

Breton was sentenced to 25 years behind bars in 2011 for the double murder of his children in Cordoba.

Despite the chilling warning, a judge ruled that Oliva be allowed to spend time with the boys at weekends.


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