Spanish King’s brother-in-law not heading to prison after all

Iñaki Urdangarin

THE KING’S brother-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, is to remain free and will not be required to post bail while he appeals his sentence, a court has decided.

The Palma de Mallorca court’s decision came after prosecutors requested that Urdangarin should pay €200,000 for bail if he did not wish to go straight to prison.

The judges ruled against the move, and further allowed him to return to Switzerland to be with his family while the defence prepares to launch an appeal.


Urdangarin will be required to check in with the nearest Swiss court on the first of every month, however.

The Ex-Duke of Palma was met with jeers from angry protesters as he left the courtroom.

Leader of the left wing Podemos party, Pablo Iglesias, expressed his anger over the news as he tweeted: “Is justice the same for all?”



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