Blair is an eloquent con artist

Tony Blair

COULD anyone believe the gall of Tony Blair in last week’s rambling tirade against Brexit?

This arrogant war criminal, personally responsible for the destabilizing of the Middle East and the deaths of thousands, is a political conman who, through added guile and misinformation,  not only opened the doors to millions of immigrants purely to bolster his re-election, now has the audacity to stand up as bold as brass and virtually call for another referendum!

‘The people voted knowing nothing about the consequences’, he spouted. Pretty rich from a man who led us into a conflict of which the public, not only had no idea of the outcome, but were even lied to about its true purpose. Blair possesses the one thing that is a basic necessity for all con artists, he is extremely eloquent.

He, like many successful conmen are akin to market ‘mock’ auctioneers, who can basically talk the hind leg off a donkey which is why he has amassed millions spouting his diatribes to anyone prepared to line his pockets.

This despicable individual is also the classic opportunist. All those years ago, realizing the Labour party had sunk into an unelectable morass (sound familiar) he gleefully swooped in, renamed it ‘New,’ and  callously used it as a vehicle to ultimately attain the highest office in the land.

He sees the Brexit situation as just another opportunity. Completely unaware, or simply not giving a damn about the revulsion he attracts, he deviously observes it as a chance to form some kind of new ‘movement,’ which at some point will be able to ‘Rise Up’ and challenge the present Labour party. With him at its head of course! I bet he’s even decided on a name for it. Send this revolting intelligence insulter back to whatever cesspit he crawled out of; along with his equally abhorrent, self-gratifying spouse!

Thanks for all your mail. Most with attachments, or too long to publish. Nevertheless, much appreciated, I do read them all. Keep ’em coming. And whatever ya do. Always.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy    [email protected]


  1. Well written Leapy! This man should be in prison for what he has done to the country. He dragged us into a war, which was the root cause for the terrorist activity today, and opened the doors of Britain to anyone who wanted to enter – mainly Muslims.
    For what he has done to the country he should have been hanged, but sadly that is no longer part of British justice.

  2. Repy ……………… Brian Eggleson
    Do not get your meaning Mr Pensioner
    opened the doors to millions of immigrants purely to bolster his re-election,
    opened the doors to millions of pensioners purely to bolster his re-election,
    Makes me think you are having a Dig & at Lee
    I’m Sure he would never have voted for this ScumBag Lier
    Can remember Blairs words Now in Parliament
    Sadam has Weapons of Mass Destruction And can unleash on UK within 20 mins

  3. It’s simple UK TeddyBoy, so let me try to help you understand more clearly.

    If you read Leapy’s column and every time you see the word ‘immigrants’ you replace it in your head with the word ‘pensioners’ you get to see just how harsh his opinions about others less fortunate than himself really are. We are all human beings regardless of where we come from and we should have more consideration for each other.

    Since Spain is packed with British pensioners like myself, if Leapy wrote about pensioners in the same way he writes about immigrants, this newspaper would be inundated with complaints from outraged pensioners!

    But then, since Leapy’s both a pensioner AND an immigrant himself, he wouldn’t understand either.

    Also, I guess you missed my earlier comments elsewhere making it clear how disgusted I am with Tony Blair too. I wrote that he is irrelevant – since he is not in power now. Thank God.

  4. There are people who appear to be so misguided they will look for the smallest thing they can jump on when replying on things that people they do not like say… they fairly much can’t see the wood for the trees on fairly much anything they are so interested in throwing darts at the person writing. I guess there are people who must not be satisfied with their own lives they have to continually run down a vendetta against some others rather than actually adding some constructive content… takes all sorts I guess 🙂

    I agree fairly much with this Leapy, shame Blair will not end up in a jail rather than having the tax payers whose lives he contributed to screwing up having to pay for his protection until the day he dies.

  5. I share the same distaste for Tony Blair as all the other commentators on this thread and even Leapy himself.

    I thought I had made that clear.

    Where we differ is only over Leapy’s thoughtless attitude against people less fortunate than himself. Refugees from war zones, immigrants from poorer nations, other cultures that he dislikes…The list goes on week after weary week. As an immigrant himself, it’s pretty precious of him to lambast other immigrants who are only trying to do exactly what he did – improve their lives after finding themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

    No matter how much his fan club defends him I will continue to confront Leapy with his own attention-seeking prejudices until he recognises them for what they truly are. He enjoys a rare privilege that is denied to most people – a guaranteed weekly platform in a widely circulated newspaper. Let him start showing some responsibility and respect for that privilege. Only then will he rightfully deserve any respect himself.

  6. Btw, I wrote to Tony Blair on 15 Feb 2004. It’s the sort of thing I do when I’m not writing to the EWN. (grin) I let rip at him for his folly over the war on Iraq. (I’m only mentioning this because a few people still have funny ideas about where I stand.)

    I actually got a reply! – not from Blair himself of course, but from a minion named Anthony Preston of the Iraq Policy Unit at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It arrived 6 MONTHS later, dated 02 August 2004 – along with a whole load of bumph attempting to justify an unjustifiable war. Here’s an extract:

    “Dear Mr Eagleson… …I am sorry you have had to wait so long for an answer. Our involvement in Iraq has generated a huge amount of correspondence…”

    I’ll BET it did! But I wonder if Leapy and Co. actually BELIEVED Blair’s WMD claim at the time and went along with it? Wouldn’t surprise me if Leapy was actually cheering him on against that pesky Saddam!

    Ok, the war was already over. At least Bush THOUGHT it was. But I dam’ well told them I wasn’t taken in by their lies! I’m sure some Number 10 staff saw what I’d written before it was finally dumped on Anthony Preston to reply. I feel genuinely sorry for him, poor soul. I hadn’t held back my anger with Blair!

    I’m going off now to have a lie down in a darkened room… Heheh.


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