Barcelona nightspot offers €100 to women who show up without knickers on

Lorena Suarez/Facebook
Part of the poster spread over Barcelona

A NIGHTCLUB in Barcelona has controversially advertised that women who show up to their events with no underwear on will receive €100 in cash, free entrance and a free drink

A PR for the Bailodromo Caña Dulce said the idea “started one night when a woman on her hen night decided to do a striptease, and it gave me an idea of a new way to promote the nightclub.

“If no-one is talking about you, then you don’t exist, it’s just a joke in a local club where everyone knows each other,” he said.

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The offer, which is on every Saturday in February, has so far only been taken up by two women. One of which asked her husband’s permission before lifting her skirt up, according to doormen at the club.

Bailodromo claims it hasn’t received any complaints, and has even had ‘dozens’ of calls asking if the offer will still be on for the weekend.

However a lawyer at the Dones Juristes, Marisa Fernandez, says the firm are considering filing a lawsuit as well as launching a boycott campaign against the club for perpetuating a “humiliating message to women.”


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