Malaga municipalities at risk of being hit by earthquake

A map of the high risk areas

THE NORTH-WESTERN region of Axarquia is at the highest risk of being hit by an earthquake, according to seismologists.

A revised map has been produced by the provincial government, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Seismic Engineers (AEIS).

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The eastern part of the Costa del Sol has the least chance of experiencing tremors, but Malaga City, along with Mijas and Benalmadena have a fairly high chance of being affected.

Vice-president of AEIS, Ricardo Garcia Arribas, said the chance of feeling major tremors increases in likelihood the closer the area is to the Granada fault line.

Arribas also warned high risk areas to expect earthquakes between a magnitude of eight and nine.

Malaga’s provincial government believe the updated document will help municipalities plan future projects around the potential dangers they could face in the event of a significant earthquake.


A full picture of the map


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