Gibraltar continues to discuss post-Brexit matters in London

HM Government of Gibraltar
Mr Brokenshire and Dr Garcia

THE Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia is in London for a number of meetings related to the proposed departure of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar from the European Union.

One of the questions that is of major concern is future post-Brexit transit through land borders which the United Kingdom is responsible for. In that context, Dr Garcia met with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland James Brokenshire MP.

Mr Brokenshire, who was promoted to Secretary of State after serving as a Home Office Minister, is already familiar with the details of the frontier at Gibraltar and has discussed this with both the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister in the past.

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There is concern as to what the future transit to and from the Irish Republic from Northern Ireland will entail and there was recently a demonstration at the border with fake customs posts set up to warn residents of two states of possible problems in the event of what is known as a hard Brexit.

It will be recalled that Dr Garcia attended a meeting of the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly in Cardiff at the end of last year and was able to address delegates on the specific challenges that Gibraltar faced.

According to the Deputy Chief Minister, the meeting with the Secretary of State was very useful and informative and will provide the Government with a better understanding of the situation going forward.


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