Rajoy and Hollande prioritise EU immigration and security in Malaga

Ayuntamiento de Malaga/Facebook
Françoise Hollande and Mariano Rajoy before signing the agreements

IMMIGRATION, EU border security and economic growth should be the EU’s main priorities post-Brexit, according to the French and Spanish leaders.

As part of the on-going relationship between the two countries, Françoise Hollande and Mariano Rajoy attended the 25th bilateral summit in Malaga.

Rajoy said: “It was time for those of us who believe in Europe to send a unified and strong message that we stand united, and push for integration now more than ever.”

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He further highlighted the need for a ‘fiscal union’ in order to create a more competitive environment for European companies which could lead to a unified tax scheme.

In order to improve security, France and Spain believe an EU defence fund should be set up.

Hollande warned of ‘outside forces’ which would like to see Europe collapse and that it must find its purpose in order to avoid destruction.

The two leaders also signed agreements to share information concerning ETA, increased cooperation in the fight against drugs and mutual assistance in the case of forest fires.


  1. Illegal immigration regardless of whether the migrants are called refugees or economic migrants is one of the greatest challenges facing the world this century as hundreds of millions of people seek a better life. There is no point in leaders talking, we need action to stop the daily arrival of migrants on Europe’s shores and the countless deaths caused by trafficking gangs who have made a lucrative criminal industry out of people’s misery. Europe has millions unemployed and cannot cope with the invasion which is taking place which is leading to a growing social crisis. The UN needs to play a major role in bringing a change of mentality and together with the Western democracies plan to redistribute a fairer share of the world’s economic wealth to improve the living standards of the population in the developing nations.


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