Huge turnout as more than 160,000 attend refugee solidarity march in Barcelona

Some of the demonstrators in Barcelona

MORE THAN 160,000 people have taken to the streets of Barcelona to demand that Spain takes in more refugees from war torn countries like Syria.

Marchers held banners and signs in Catalan with slogans saying ‘Enough excuses! Take them in now!’ and ‘No more deaths, open the borders!’

In 2015 the Spanish government pledged to take in more than 17,000 refugees within two years, comprising just under 16,000 from camps in Italy and Greece plus 1,500 from Turkey and Libya.

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Since the declaration, however, Spain has admitted just 1,100 refugees.

Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau, who joined the march, said in a statement: “It is very important that in an uncertain Europe where xenophobia is on the rise for Barcelona to be a capital of hope.”


  1. I wonder how many of these people are willing to house a couple of these refugees. And I have many questions regarding “refugees”. 1. Why are there mainly only young men? (if it is so dangerous where they fled, why leave their wives and children behind?) 2. How come they ALL loose their passport but nobody loses their cellphone. 3. Why do they come to non muslim countries which lifestyle they detest. REAL refugees should be helped, but unfortunately a lot of what is coming in is economical refugees. In the western world it is impossible to house and finance all these people.

  2. The reality is this is Catalonia’s callous attempt at criticising the Spanish government, trying to put it in a bad light for its divisive independence agenda. Catalonian administration is cynically & blatantly using “refugees” as pawns!

    Spain has 42% youth unemployment, 78000 Spaniards a year emigrate to find work & there’s no budget for the poor & elderly. This is insanity.

    Spain doesn’t meet its 2% commitment to defend its citizens but is prepared 2 squander its peoples’ taxes on those who hate Jews Christians & gays?


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